Coronavirus Update

We are aware that you will be concerned about how the current pandemic will affect your stay at your Accommodation.

It appears that Europe is now starting to relax the restriction measures, working towards the “new normal” and that quite a few countries are allowing flights in and out. The same is also happening with flights to and from Faro, already with incoming flights from London, Belfast, Brussels, Zurich, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Munich and Lyon. 

From the U.K. Wizzair (Luton) have already started. Ryanairs first flight will be on 23rd June. However, Ryanair and Easyjet will only really start again properly in July. Brirtish Airways commence flying from 1st July and Jet 2 are now only flying from 15th July, contrary to their original plan of 1st July.

Please see the full list of latest schedules:-

Since the pandemic, many airlines have reduced flight schedules, and we are hearing that some flight are being cancelled, but other flights are available to be rebooked, either with the same airline, or another. We are receiving messages from guests that on some occasions, only one of the flights (outgoing or ingoing) is being cancelled. It is just a question of sourcing alternatives.

There are also many regular flights now coming in to Lisbon, often with very reasonable prices. Many guests prefer this as a option due to the vast cost savings. We can assist with car hire, if required.

We are also very confident that the U.K. and Portugal (as oldest allies) will strike up a non quarantine agreement soon, by the way of “air bridges” as reported by the press. This is expected to come into play on, or before 29th June, but not yet confirmed:-

In Portugal, things have been going far better than for many other countries. The Algarve, in particular has faired extremely well with the virus (a total of 391 cases, as of 11th June). Fingers crossed it continues this way! This is a striking difference from neighbouring Spain. 

A State of Emergency in Portugal was declared on 18th March, with subsequent 15 day renewals.

This “State of Emergency” was not renewed from midnight of 2nd May, and the government started loosening up restrictions from then forward, in the new “State of Calamity”, which although it sounded worse, actually wasn’t!

On Monday 4th May small street shops (up to 200m2), hairdressers, book stores and car stands were able to reopen, along with outdoor activities such as golf, tennis and surfing.

As from 18th May, larger stores (up to 400m2) and restaurants were able to reopen (naturally respecting the new social distancing and higiene directives).

The third phase, Monday 1st June saw shopping centres, cinemas and gyms reopening, and most remaining activities will be allowed to open during the month of June. Zoomarine opened on June 10th and the health service has said that water parks can open from 15th June onwards.

No news yet as to when bars and disco’s will be allowed to open. However, some are open, if they serve snacks (depending on how they are licencsed). Basically, nearly everything is open for business, with some places even having live music entertainment (dancing together is not yet allowed)!!

From 1st July, Portugal passes to a “State of Contingency” on a national level. However, areas least hit by the virus, such as the Algarve and Alentejo regions will skip this and pass straight on the a “mere State of Alert”. The reason why the “State of Calamity” has been continued until the end of June is due to the fact that various national holidays and periods where get together, and therefore reinforcing the message of social distancing and increased hygiene etc.

Also on 1st July, Portugal and Spain will officially open their land borders for travellers by road.

Portugal is proud to be considered one of the countries that has best contained the virus, and therefore one of the safest destinations for this Summer.

The latest guidance from the FCO can be found here

If you need to cancel your booking with us please let us know as soon as possible via email to We also suggest that you contact any relevant travel insurer or credit card provider as soon as possible.

The current situation is changing on a daily basis and we are continuing to monitor it closely. If you do try and contact us by telephone please bear with us as we are experiencing a high volume of calls due to the unprecedented situation. 

Our current advice is as follows:

  • We only provide accommodation and so your booking with us is not covered by the Package Travel Regulations. You are not automatically entitled to a refund from us or alternative accommodation. We will however seek to explore any other viable options with you.

  • Our normal Rental Policy and cancellation charges will continue to apply as per our website.
  • We suggest that you contact your travel insurer and / or credit card provider where relevant as soon as possible given the current travel advice from the FCO.
  • You are not entitled to compensation from us as the current pandemic is an event outside of our control.

The situation is currently changing on a daily basis and we suggest you continue to monitor this page for any updates.

Guests have contacted and presented with options for rescheduling their stays. However, should you have any particular questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to call us, or send us an email. In that way, we can address your concerns as they arise, whenever possible.

At present, we are not looking beyond 15th July, as we anticipate that most travel and quarantine restrictions will have been addressed by then.

Last updated 16.06.2020